SFO: Cable Cars and Union Square

Kris and I had a good time exploring SFO last night. We took a cable car from just outside our hotel to a few blocks from Union Square.

IMG_1860 The end of the line is at the north corner of our hotel! After a quick walk down Powell, we ended up here:

IMG_1821 A classy Union Square Christmas tree. So many people taking pictures in front of it.

IMG_1822 A nice little ice rink, even though it’s 18 degrees out. At 6pm, tickets were sold out till 10pm, we we didn’t get to skate.

IMG_1826 The big Union Square Macy’s. So big, with giant wreaths in every window. This picture does not do the beautiful light display justice.

IMG_1830 We then went to Westfield Center, a dauntingly huge and very busy mall. There were lines for some of the escalators!

We wandered, ate, and then walked back to the cable cars.

The cable cars are fun to watch, better to ride. We took one up the hill to California St, then walked back to our hotel (as it was all downhill from there).

IMG_1851 We found this ominous old church on our way back. The front doors were huge!

IMG_1853 Another shot of the front. It seems to be called Grace Cathedral.

IMG_1854 A shot of the lantern and spire (couldn’t get the whole steeple), in front of some clouds.

There are a lot of cool old buildings here in SFO. If you’re into that, come check it out!

IMG_1861 Also, a lot of lovely gates.

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