My First Bike

This week I purchased my first bike! Well, my first motorcycle. It is a Honda VF750C Magna V45. Let me tell ya, this bike was not sold in the states and so finding the right service manual has been a real pain in the ass. I have found resources online like this, but the actual service manual is not available. I can purchase the Haynes manual off Amazon though for about $40.


Spec sheet:

The closest service manual I could find was from the year prior, when the bike was sold in USA still:

She runs, but I have some work ahead of me!

I will put up posts as I look into each of the issues above!



5 thoughts on “My First Bike

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  1. >The low fuel indicator does not work
    Embrace this. Fill it up, note your mileage, find the switch for the reserve, and go for a loooong ride. When it runs out of gas, hope the reserve was in the correct position. I’ve never owned a bike with a gas gauge. Who needs one!

    >The rad fan has been bypassed with a toggle switch
    The wind is your best coolant. If you’re idling in traffic for too long, kill the engine. The bike will likely air-cool when in motion. It wouldn’t have lasted this long otherwise.

    >The bike was likely dropped at one point, as the turn signal stems on the left side are both snapped and tapped on (with lots of tape!)
    Welcome to owning a 30+ year old bike. It happens, and replacement parts are probably nearly impossible to find. You might find aftermarket parts, but so long as they work, you’re probably fine.

    >The front fork brace has a crack in it, but still seems solid
    This is need for concern.

    >There is a wee bit of rust showing on the exhaust pipe
    Rust happens. It will never be chrome again. Any treatment you put on needs to withstand high heat. Don’t expect clear nail polish to last.

    >The handle grips have been replaced with aftermarket grips (not a problem, but I am not sure if I like them yet)
    Comfort is king.

    Congrats and good luck! 2017 will be the first year since 2003 that I don’t own a motorcycle of any sort 😦


    1. Thanks man 🙂 I have actually already ordered some parts for some of the fixes, took quite a bit of searching and finding aftermarket alts. Apparently the fork braces on these older hondas suck and break often. I am going to get a reinforced one to prevent it happening again (unless I can find someone to machine a new one for me). More posts to come when the parts arrive.


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