Fork Brace Reinforcement

In my new bike post, I mentioned that the Fork Brace has a crack in it. I prefer not to die so I ordered a reinforcement plate.

This one is really simple:

First, pop off the 4 caps covering the bolts. You can use a slot screwdriver (the flat one). Pry from the lip you can see in the picture below (the pointy end of the red arrow).IMG_0176

A successful step one will leave you with something that looks like this:


Then, unscrew all four of the bolts. Mine used a size 6 hex key, if I recall correctly. Here is a picture of my exposed parts


If you are replacing the fork brace, just put the new one on and use those same bolts. I decided to fortify instead of replace, because a new one would probably be mucho dinero and break again anyways. Here is what my kit looked like:


Either you can get someone to machine something like this for you, or order one off of eBay. Notice though that the bolts are slightly longer, to account for the thickness of the reinforcement plate.

Here it is, finished:


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