Turn Signal Stem Replacement

My new bike seems to have been dropped on its side once or twice, as both the turn signal stems on the left side have been snapped and taped back on. Today I am going to replace both of them with brand new stems.

When I bought my bike I ordered replacement stems for the turn signals. I spent roughly $40 CAD (including shipping) and they took about two weeks to arrive. The best price I could find was from fortnine.ca.

Front Stem: https://fortnine.ca/en/bikemaster-turn-signal-stem-short-stem-12-1209

Rear Stem: https://fortnine.ca/en/bikemaster-turn-signal-stem-short-stem-12-1207

I took a picture of the snapped one, for your viewing displeasure:


And off the bike:


It is hard to tell, but it is snapped…

It was not as easy as it looked though. The wires go through the middle of the bolt, but the inner diameter was smaller on the new one, so the tubing wouldn’t fit 🙁


So, I had to drill out out to match. No problem, just extra work! And here is the front one, all put together:


The back one had a problem of it’s own. The bolt (shown below) is about an inch longer than the stock stem.


One-inch spacer later, and we were good to go, mounted on the bike!

The front:


And the back:



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