Pedal Boards and Friends

Cory and I were recently discussing pedal boards, and I figured I would share what we and our friends have made over the years with the internet.

First up is…

Cory’s Board!

Cory’s board is the baby of the bunch, and also the quickest/least expensive to make. It is a simple spray-painted piece of wood, with a few cuts underneath to give it a lift:

The beauty of Cory’s setup is the custom heavy-duty bag his wife sewed for him:


Tim’s Board!

My board was made from 1×2 and 1×3 pieces of spruce wood (cheap at Home Depot) and stained with the help of my friend Brad. Some the pedals in these pictures are his… (the diamond comp, the delay). I mounted power and in/out jacks on the back of the board, and LED strip lights underneath.


John’s Board!

So, unfortunately, the board that John and I made when we were teenagers was stolen, and we can’t find any quality pictures of it. I will keep hunting…

Here are a few similar pictures for perspective:


Jamie’s (old) Board!

Jamie made his board out of the Ikea Gorm, which has been replaced by the Hejne. There are a lot of tutorials online on how to do something similar, but Jamie added his own unique flair to it. The section on the left is designed to house the volume pedal, keeping it separate and freeing up space. He also has a flight case to go with it!

Brad’s Board!

We didn’t talk about this one during the podcast, but I wanted to show it off because Brad has a classic clean PedalTrain board with a flight case specifically designed for it. An expensive but clean and efficient setup.

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