Stop! Vendor Time!

In keeping with the vendor-theme, this next story is about a company that we will also call The Vendor. The Vendor has software in every device you own, whether you use Apple iOS/OSX, Android Phones, Windows PCs, Linux, etc. They are everywhere, and the guy who started the company looks like he could be the villain in the next Die Hard movie. I am not sure if there is a moral to this story, or if I am just sharing it so people can start to see how “these things go”, as they say. In either case, lets get started. Continue reading “Stop! Vendor Time!”

Requiem for a Vendor

Two years ago, we discovered an issue in a certain vendor’s software (that has since been fixed). For legal reasons, I cannot disclose the name of the vendor, so let’s just call them The Vendor. The Vendor provides an out of the box Back Office solution to telecom companies across the world, and are one of the “industry standards” in their space.

Continue reading “Requiem for a Vendor”

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